Leggings The New Tights

Leggings The New Tights

Leggings are fast becoming the staple item for most casual outfits and even moving into the realm of evening wear. More durable than tights and more forgiving of any leg imperfections leggings are a versatile item. Of course with the rise in popularity the choice of style and type has exploded. From bold print, patterned to bright and colorful there is a legging for any ensemble.

Most fashion items to hit a trend come from the catwalks of London, New York and Milan but these have had a long established place in the working class wardrobe and the fitness fanatics. Let’s have a look at some of the top ways you can use leggings to display their versatility.  With Shorts Shorts are big business this summer, but the old problems of pale legs and having to wax them all the time means this is the perfect outfit for those lazy summer days. Coupled with some heels they can make your legs look long and flattering. Shorts hold in your midriff and some high waited shorts with a V neck t-shirt is a great look with minimum effort.

With Skirt Wearing them with a skirt allows you to feel more comfortable in your everyday activities or in the workplace. With ankles on show and coupled with some elegant heels you can really look glam. If wearing black on black, ensure you tie together your footwear with your top as this will give a symmetrical look to your outfit.

Under a dress Dresses these days can often be short, putting a lot of people off buying them. But with leggings the short dress can be made to look a lot more flattering. An A-Line skirt hides all your midriff imperfections and leggings give you the added comfort and hold that will make the dress look fabulous.

With a long cardigan The boyfriend cardigan is big in 2013. Sitting out late on a summer evening a big cardigan can be cozy and comfy and the longer the better. You can wear it open or closed depending on your activities and it covers you at the back, important if you’re wearing leggings on their own! Now you have seen how you can get your leggings to look amazing you may be thinking great I’ll nip down to your local market and get a pair for less than £5. But before you do you should read these tips about buying leggings: SizeOf course with them being so stretchy the temptation is to go down a size because well what girl doesn’t like dropping a size right? Well remember that they will not last as long if they are too small, yes they stretch but they can stay stretched. What this leads to is bobbling on the material, the pouch around the bum and crotch will mean you continually have to pull them up higher. And the waistband is more likely to break quicker.

Material The material is key, many places sell cheap leggings which on wearing you realize that they are see through, not a good look for any fashion following girl. A quick transparency test is easy to do simply stretch them over your hand to see if you can actually see through them. Remember to do this in direct daylight, a dull shop will likely not show up all the transparency that you will see when you step out into the street wearing them. The other key about the material is to check both the waistband and the elastic around the ankle. If they are too long you may end up with bunching around your ankles so you need to be able to alter them. With the waistband you do not want this to be too loose as it will mean you could have to replace them as they won’t stay up.

Feet Some leggings come with the ballerina foot tie that keeps them attached at the bottom, how great right? No its not great, what you will find is this stretches them at the bottom and they do not fit snuggly at the ankle, this is not a good look for anyone. The other aspect is that if you are going to be wearing heels to elongate your legs then you must have your ankles on show, a hidden ankle will ruin the illusion of long legs those great new boots you bought are trying so hard to create. Patter it’s tempting to go bold and bright with any item but remember these are simply providing you with a blank canvas to build your outfit around. You do not want to put a skirt or shorts over a pair of bright leggings as this will simply cancel out the impact of that fabulous skirt or hot shorts.

If you do go bold then they should be worn on their own, perhaps couple together with a long jumper or long cardigan to hide any lumps and bumps at the top. Loose fitting t-shirts that come off the shoulder can be found in long length giving a great sliming look with your shoulder and ankles on show but any imperfections covered. All Images used are copyright property of LEC Boutique and use has been granted for this single item contact LEC Boutique before republishing items copyright infringements will be taken seriously.

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