Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends

The days of working out in old, oversized t-shirts and shorts have come and gone. Women can now find exciting new workout fashions a good reason to hit the gym and become fitness enthusiasts. It makes sense that the market of women interested in exercise would be tapped into with the different workout lines that exist today.

The result is more fashion and clothing options to choose from. So, what are the keys to staying fashionable on the running trail or in your Zumba lesson? The first key is simply comfort. Mercifully, fashion has adhered to the practical needs of workouts and there are styles available to help everyone stay comfortable while getting fit.

Synthetic materials are generally best for staying comfortable. Ideally, you’d like your workout clothes to repel sweat and dry quickly, breathe well, and fit snugly. Synthetic materials like polyester accomplish all three of these goals.

Cotton is a cheap option that many still go for but it doesn’t breathe well or stay dry, which makes it less practical and consequently less fashionable. There are also organic options now that are a good fit for people whose skin doesn’t respond well to synthetic materials.

Selecting your socks and underwear is a major determinant in how comfortable you’ll be. When choosing a sports bra, it’s worth your while to find the right fit for you. The balance between restricting movement while maintaining comfort can be tricky and may require testing different fits and designers to find the best option. Everything else can follow from there. Also, important, if you like to wear only the sports bra as a top make sure that it isn’t see-through when wet! The next key is choosing the stylish outfits that will be most comfortable and helpful for the kind of exercises you want to pursue. Summertime work is best accompanied by light colors so that you absorb less sun while winter is the better time for darker colors.

Colors comprise an important part of workout gear fashion, and the trends in colors are as follows. Dark colored leggings and tank tops are popular, usually black, with neon accents. Besides being useful if running on the road, the neon coloration is fun to mix in with an otherwise plain color. For 2013 in general, neon accents take their place with modern prints and color blocking to form the most popular new styles.

Color blocking is a technique where blocks of various fabrics are sewn together with different colors. So, a tank top with color blocking might include white fabric with bright yellow fabric sewn in, or something more extreme such as one side sewn with red and the other sewn with green with a horizontal split between the colors. Many people will be most comfortable with just a simple ponytail and solid colors but there are still options for spicing things up with a sparkly or colorful headband, water bottle, or wristbands.

Workout clothes lend themselves to accessorizing with extra pieces that can add fashion or color to an outfit for the gym. Overall, it’s most important to be comfortable and get in a good sweat, but there are many options today for ladies that want to look good and stylish while doing so.

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