5 Reasons Why Your Face Is at the Centre of Beauty Clinic Profits

5 Reasons Why Your Face Is at the Centre of Beauty Clinic Profits

Whether you’re looking for facial, body or hair treatments – the cosmetics industry seemingly has it all these days. While it did receive plenty of negative press several years ago, procedures have been tweaked and this really does mean that the world is your oyster if you are looking for some minor personal alterations.

If we take a look at some of the more popular treatments, many of them are focused around facial procedures. In fact, this is the area in which a lot of beauty clinics seemingly push and if we look at Penlight Liverpool as one example, it’s clear to see that the bulk of their business is associated with their facial treatment department.

We’ll therefore assume that this is the case for most clinics in the industry and now analyses some of the facial treatments that seem to be proving very popular with clients up and down the country.

Ultrathin is one of the newer treatments to hit the industry but it is certainly creating plenty of attention. While most modern forms of treatment aim to make the procedure as painless as possible for the patient, this doesn’t seem to be the case with Therapy and it is classed as one of the most painful cosmetic treatments on the market. Nevertheless, it does seem to work, with thousands of patients seeing their skin become much fresher and younger after taking advantage of the session. The science behind it is certainly advanced and well beyond the scope of this article, but in simple terms it uses ultrasound waves to heat the tissue under the skin and make it contract – and subsequently tighten to promote the wrinkleless appearance.

Meso-TherapyThis is another procedure that is charged with the task of slowing down the aging process and for those individuals who are looking for something that is slightly less painful than Therapy, this could be the option. In fact, it isn’t always used as a facial treatment and if you have researched the procedure in the past, you will have probably found out that many also take advantage of it to lose weight. In simple terms, it’s an injection which is again directed towards the tissue that is under the base layer of the skin. This injection contains messengers which are designed to stimulate the renewal of skin by activating processes in the cells – in a bid to “trick” them into acting how they did when the patient was younger.

Photo-rejuvenation Out of all three treatments, Photo-rejuvenation is undoubtedly the most popular. Whether the face is suffering from broken capillaries, redness, sun damage, poor texture or any other issue, for most patients the first port of call is this procedure. It involves the use of a laser and while this may appear daunting at first, it is nowhere near as painful as Therapy with many patients comparing the sensation to mild sunburn. As you may have guessed, the strength and type of laser depends largely on the problem that the patient is being treated for, with this versatility the main reason it has become so popular.

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