20 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

20 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

Health Coach For Your Fitness You want to lose weight and are exercising, but there is one thing that keeps getting in the way: your choice of snacks. Indeed, when the hunger pangs hit you grab a Snickers bar or some other high-calorie candy and suddenly your weight loss plans are undermined. To that end we’ll look at 20 helpful choices to consider as part of your weight loss plan. Peanut butter. Protein filled and satisfying, peanut butter may be the perfect snack. Consume a teaspoon full and you’ll sate your cravings and consume less than half the calories of a candy bar.

Pickles Just one pickle is all you need to sate your appetite. The good news is that a medium pickle contains just 8 calories and a cup equals 17 ounces. The bad news about pickles is that you’ll also reach one-quarter to one-half of your day’s sodium limit. Hummus. One teaspoon of hummus has 25 calories. Slather it on celery sticks and you have a healthful snack at the ready. Popcorn. A bag of air-popped popcorn can dispel the cravings. But it is healthy provided it is plain with no flavoring or butter.

Protein Bars. Shop carefully here — some bars are chock full of calories, while others number between 90 and 100 calories. Sliced Apples. Before you head out, slice an apple and stick it in a lunch bag. When you get hungry, reach in and take out a slice or two. Green Salad. A side salad with nothing on it can fill you. Cut up an avocado and add olive oil and you have the makings of a mini meal. Hard Boiled Eggs. One hard boiled egg has 78 calories. Yes, it comes loaded with cholesterol, but if eaten two or three times per week, it can be a good snack for you.

Frozen Grapes. Keeping grapes on hand can be a challenge, but if they’re of the frozen variety you’ll have a snack that will satisfy. A cup of red or green grapes contain just 110 calories. Orange Slices. Slice and dice an orange at the start of your day and reach for those slices when you get the hungries. Olives. One of the healthiest foods you can eat are olives. Filled with fiber and protein, choosing just one medium-sized olive means you’ll consume five measly calories. Pop a dozen of them in a bag and you’ll eat them all day long.

Frozen Yogurt. How many calories are in frozen yogurt? If you consume half a cup of vanilla yogurt with nothing on it, you’ll down just 114 calories while satisfying your sweet tooth. Dates. Eat two or three dates and your cravings should be satisfied. Dates are loaded with fiber and you’ll consume only 125 calories. Tuna. A can of tuna can tide you over when you’re hungry. Tuna is also loaded with Omega-3, good for your heart as well as for your brain.

Sugar Free Jello. A heaping serving of gelatin can smack the cravings. Choose the sugar-free variety, especially the kind that is sweetened with its own juices. Broccoli florets. Not everyone can stomach broccoli, but if you can then you’ll find it is an entirely satisfying and healthy snack.Sunflower seeds. Yes, a cup of sunflower seeds will add a whopping 818 calories to your diet! So, limit yourself to one-quarter cup and you’ll still consume fewer calories than a candy bar, and get a significant contribution of magnesium, fiber, and protein. Soy chips. A one-ounce serving of soy chips contains 109 calories. It also has a low saturated fat content and this means you can enjoy them without guilt.Fruit smoothies. Sometimes you need something more substantial.

A V8 Splash Peach Mango smoothie can do the trick, adding just 90 calories or about one-third the count of that decadent brownie you were once considering. Cherry tomatoes. A cup of cherry tomatoes can be so very filling. The best thing is that they’re nutritious and only add 27 calories to your diet! Make it Healthy Its a fact: a healthy diet will help you lose weight. Couple that with a sensible exercise regimen and you’ll reach your goals  faster explains Fitness19.So, the next time you head out to work or take a road trip, makes sure you bring healthy snacks with you. Avoid the snack machine and you’ll eat better than ever.

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