10 Tips for Getting Those Healthy and Beautiful Fingernails

10 Tips for Getting Those Healthy and Beautiful Fingernails

According to popular opinion, fingernails influence the overall look of a woman a great deal. If your nails are unkempt, they will look ugly and will say a lot about you. In addition, they will be inviting medical conditions into your body.

Therefore, if you are a woman, take a closer look at your nails. Do they look strong and healthy, or are there dents, ridges, and unusual shape and color clearly visible? If you are in the latter group, you can observe a few fingernail tips to improve their health and make them more attractive. Some of these tips are: Rubber gloves – When it comes to your fingernail care, rubber gloves should be your best friend. Always make sure you are wearing rubber gloves when you are cleaning your home and doing the dishes. The chemicals found in the cleaning detergents can badly damage your nails and hands. They make your nails weaker and give you nasty burns.

Nail hardeners – You should use nail hardeners and calcium gel to make your nails stronger. These products will work if you use it regularly. Do not expect results right away but with time, you will notice how amazing your nails look. Nail cream – Many women just use their hand cream on the nails as well. Nevertheless, when your nails are in very bad condition these cream will not be enough. You need a special nail cream to enhance the appearance of your nails.

Removing cuticles – Among the biggest mistakes girls make when it comes to nail care is using a nail cutter to cut their cuticles. This is wrong and may damage your nails. Instead, apply a cuticle remover and push the cuticles out with the cuticle stick. Clip regularly – Girls use to think it is super cool to have very long nails but that belief has long faded. It is impractical and makes you look somewhat slutty. Clip your nails regularly to keep them at a length that does not interfere with your daily chores.

Polishing and filing – You need to file and polish your nails regularly. First, you need to buy a good quality nail file. Each time you clip your nails, you should also file them. Only file in one direction to avoid having an uneven shape. Polish your nails only once a month to avoid making them thinner and weaker.

Go easy on your nail polish – Certainly, having a variety of color on your nails does make them look attractive. However, nail polish damages your nails if used excessively. This is because all nail polish contain acetone, a chemical that weakens your nails. Only purchase high quality nail polish and throw away any expired nail polish in your home. Do not go for manicure more than one time in a week.

Use oil-based nail polish remover – These days hardly anyone uses acetone-based removers to remove the nail polish from their fingers. However, it is an important fact to remember that you should always use oil-based removers to avoid damage to your nails.

Gel nails or acrylic – According to most experts, artificial nails such as gel or acrylic nails prevent your weak nails from breaking. Therefore, if you have very weak nails, you can use these artificial ones until yours have improved their health. However, discontinue their use if you have an allergic reaction gel or acrylic. You must also be careful when putting them on and removing them. Maintain your healthy fingernails – Taking care of your nails is not a one-time thing; you have to keep observing all the healthy measures to keep them healthy and beautiful. This means cleaning them regularly.

Well, your fingernails are mainly composed of keratin, which are laminated layers of protein. They grow from the base area under your cuticles. Old cell become harder and push upwards as new cells grow. Healthy and beautiful fingernails are smooth without grooves or pits.

They are consistent and uniform in color without any discoloration or spots. At times, your nails may develop vertical ridges, which tend to get more permanent as you age but these are harmless. You can also develop spots or white lines due to injury.

 Nevertheless, these eventually grow out with the nail. With these above-mentioned tips, start to care for your nails well and the next time I see you, I am sure you would be a proud owner of those beautiful fingernails! Chad is an experienced blogger who through his blogs has helped thousands of women to improve their appearances as well as their health. Recently, he is working on content that will help identify some of the best in cosmetic surgery Kansas City.

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